Just as environments vary from city to field, marketing strategies vary from country to country, region to region. For succesfull international Expansion and marketing campaigns, look no further than v-sub for efficient and effective marketing strategies in the UK


Get access to a team of highly experienced digital marketing experts, who have assisted hundreds of companies over the past decade to accelerate their sales revenues by utilising innovative digital strategies. 

Our team is your team, and will help your business grow using unique cutting edge methods and technologies. We specialise in Drip Feed Email Marketing, SEO analysis, Google Adwords

E-Commerce implementation and optimisation, Social Media management and CRM implementation.

V-Sub Marketing has recently started a new and exciting challenge working alongside with the Wine Industry of America. For further information about that, please click the link below.





The foundation for any successful email marketing campaign is contact data. Having spent years in pursuit of a company to supply us with high quality, accurate and fresh data for our marketing campaigns - we came up empty handed. Realising the problem was universally experienced amongst our clients, we spent a few more years refining a process to create our own data. We got pretty good at creating data, so good in fact, we started selling it. As a result, two new divisions of V-Sub were born; Handcrafted Data and Opt-In Service.



Our original and premium data offering, Handcrafted Data is unique. We are unique as all of the data we provide is produced in-house, and each project is bespoke to each client. This means that we do not have a database of contacts that we pull from, which in turn means that our data never ages. Each time we start a new project, we start from scratch - even if another client recently requested the same contacts.


Opt-In Service is the natural progression for our data service. Instead of just providing you with the best contact data, we can also cleanse all your existing data (including EU data) so that you are in compliance with GDPR law. Opt-In Service ensures that your business will Opt-In all contact data contained in your CRMs and Databases so that you are GDPR compliant. With such heavy fines looming for non-compliance (even direct from the USA) companies cannot afford to make that mistake. Our teams of educated customer success representatives (Not Sales) will take your contact data and call through it, getting the required Opt-ins and keeping your data legal.


Handcrafted Logo. Effective and efficient strategy for outsourced marketing campaigns, especially in the UK, for American expanding companies


We are a full service digital marketing agency and our services go beyond email marketing and contact data.


We offer a variety of other services including SEO, conversion optimisation, analytics, social mediainfluencer marketing, web dev, e-commerce implementation and management, CRM configuration and implementation as well as creative services.


Our team’s diverse range of skills allows us to create dynamic, holistic and scalable campaigns for all of our clients.



Our marketing team aim to become an extension of your own, conducting lead generating campaigns globally. We have years of experience in introducing new products to market, and facilitating rapid pipeline growth for sales teams as well as distributors and resellers. We can leverage data from both Handcrafted Data as well as your existing contacts using Opt-In Service depending on your requirements.

V-Sub Marketing specialise in advanced drip feed email marketing campaigns which mimic peer-to-peer email engagement, deployed from an individuals (usually sales) email account on mass. This is typically done individually by sales reps, however is time consuming and can not be done on scale. The emails we deploy are indistinguishable from an individually sent email, and therefore have a far greater chance of being opened, read and replied to/engaged with compared to traditional HTML mass marketing. We can also create drip feed campaigns over time, and timed automated deployments of emails based upon the actions of a recipient.

We are happy to conduct trial campaigns for a small fee to demonstrate the potential when using our full database. You can request a trial at any time by getting in touch using the button below.

American companies looking to expand into the UK and Europe can benefit tremendously from V-sub marketing with efficient and effective international marketing strategie



V-Sub Marketing is a part of Virtual Subsidiary Ltd., which has a management team with a combined 100 years of operational experience and an outstanding track record in growing and running technology companies throughout the world. We deliver a low risk, fast start entry into Europe (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC) or North America. To learn more about Virtual Subsidiary and what we do - why not visit our website.

We supply data and digital marketing services to the majority of the top 10 global technology companies on a regular basis, as well as the leaders of various other industries. We work with a plethora of customers both large and small, and pride ourselves on our 90%+ customer retention rate.

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