The emails we deploy are indistinguishable from an individually sent email, and therefore have a far greater chance of being opened, read and replied to/engaged with compared to traditional HTML mass marketing.

Send us the details of the email account you wish to send from, along with the criteria for the search/ the message you wish to send out. Connect your email to our system

V-Sub Marketing specialise in advanced drip feed email marketing campaigns which mimic peer-to-peer email engagement, deployed from an individuals (usually sales) email account on mass. This is typically done individually by sales reps, however is time consuming and can not be done on scale.

Drip Feed 

Email Marketing

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We set up the campaign with your desired criteria and the desired amount of messages you would like sent daily up to a limit of 300 per day.

We then begin to run your campaign and monitor it daily 

Our marketing team aim to become an extension of your own, conducting lead generating campaigns globally.


We have years of experience in introducing new products to market, and facilitating rapid pipeline growth for sales teams as well as distributors and resellers.


We can leverage data from your existing contacts using Opt-In Service depending on your requirements.

Any replies will go into the inbox that you provided, we will send you weekly up to date stats reports until that campaign reaches completion.

We are happy to conduct trial campaigns for a small fee to demonstrate the potential when using our full database. You can request a trial at any time by getting in touch using the button below.