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Pouring Wine

V-Sub International Marketing Solutions for the Wine Industry

How can we sell more wine? 

If only marketing was the answer to a maiden's prayer. If only marketing was simple, inexpensive and intuitive. All wineries would do it, all consumers would come to your web site, select one of your products and make you wealthy.

Ok so how do I drive more traffic to my website? 

The answer unfortunately isn't really the answer. There are several ways to increase traffic including optimizing the choices of words, the position of words and general structure to allow consumers searching to find these key pieces of information and consequently increase "footfall". This all comes under the general heading of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This can also be enhanced by purchasing Google ad words which help anybody searching the internet to find you.

We have made the website investment but are not seeing results, how can that be? 

Unfortunately, the very best websites can't guarantee a traffic increase, leading to more wine sales. The ultimate tragedy being that your work of art is never truly appreciated.

Ok so I tried that and it cost me a lot of money and whilst I achieved more visits, according to my web design company they were only short visits to a single page and once again did not provide a financially viable solution to the big question, how do I sell more wine?

The, simple elegant solution that we offer will provide a series of targeted campaigns that will help you build a community of potential customers from both retail and consumer.  The information will belong to you and can be reused as often as you wish although we will be there to advise you at every step. 

What do I do with all of this information and how do I keep up with my contacts?

V-Sub can help you update and maintain your contacts via an inexpensive, simple and effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This means that you can really use the information that you have acquired to help increase contact quality which once again will lead to a greater understanding of your offerings and consequently stimulate wine sales.

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